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How Can I Help?

Everyone can help Our Jewish Children succeed in its mission of making day school and yeshiva education a viable option for every Jewish child in this country. In order for this to happen, even secular and non-affiliated parents will eventually need to view a Jewish education as the optimal option for their children. Our schools will need to offer a high-level quality Jewish and secular education. In addition, parents will need to understand the supreme value of a Jewish education. Finally, more money will be needed for tuition assistance to make Jewish education a more affordable option.

One does not need to be a wild-eyed dreamer idealist to envision that Jewish education can be made affordable to every Jewish family in America. The amount of money spent on Pesach hotel retreats or Bar-mitzvah and wedding parties dwarfs the amount spent on Jewish education. Similarly, many of our federations and foundations spend multi-million dollar grants on projects that, albeit important, are not nearly as critical for the future of Judaism as Jewish full-day education.

As one person, what can you do? (If you are a parent of a child that is attending public school, click here. Similarly, if you are an administrator of a school with a child at risk of dropping out to public school click here.) First, you may know children or families that are sending their children to public school who might switch to a yeshiva or day school if they were provided assistance. You can help us with a tax free donation. You can network with your synagogue, rabbi or friends, and let other people know about our mission. You can contact your federation and demand that they allocate more money to yeshivas and day schools. You can ask your rabbi to request congregants to avoid spending extra on lavish Shabbos kiddush spreads, and donate the extra money instead to your local yeshiva or day school (or Our Jewish Children). And, you can join our mailing list and become an advocate for Jewish survival.

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