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How We Do It

Our Jewish Children would ultimately help enable every Jewish child in North American attend a yeshiva or day school at no charge. Unfortunately, we do not yet have the resources to accomplish this. As a consequence, we can only supplement tuition for selected children. We accomplish this by working with the administration of each school.

Our ideal candidate for assistance is a child that will attend public school without tuition assitance. When either the school or a parent identifies such a child to us, we will then work with the administration to validate the need for tuition assitance. Our Jewish Children does not engage in direct validation of any claim for tuition assistance. We do not get involved in any type of income validation or needs assessment. Instead, we rely on the school to determine need. At that point, Our Jewish Children will attempt to supplement the school's scholarship program with additional funding that will enable the child to remain in the yeshiva or day school system.

All of our work is confidential, and many times the parents do not even know that Our Jewish Children has provided assistance. We prefer to be the behind-the-scene resource that the Jewish community can rely on to help when traditional sources are not working. Consequently, Our Jewish Children depends on parents, schools and community members to identify to us children that need tuition assistance. That means that everyone in the Jewish community can help. Even if you are not a parent, teacher or yeshiva administrator, you may still know children or families that are sending their children to public school who might switch to a yeshiva or day school if they were provided assistance. And everyone can help this cause with a tax free donation. 

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