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Our Mission

The future of Judaism in North America is increasingly worrisome. Jewish population is now in decline, and the trend is accelerating. Jewish population is currently declining in the United States, not only percentage-wise but also in absolute numbers. This represents a significant concern not only to Jewish organizations in the United States, but also to American society as a whole. In addition, less Jews identify as Jews, go to synagogue, marry Jews, and support Israel. What can be done to reverse this seemingly irreversible trend?

Studies show that the most significant factor that correlates with Jewish identification as an adult is full-day Jewish education as a child. It follows that the greatest priority of the Jewish community should be Jewish education, and specifically day-school and yeshiva education. Yet, our schools and yeshivas are in dangerous financial trouble. Parents are not paying tuition. Schools are cutting all special programs, laying off teachers, and reducing or eliminating scholarships. Something must be done.

Thats why we started Our Jewish Children. Our priorities should be clear: Every Jewish child in North America should be able to attend full-day yeshiva or Jewish day school for free. Obviously, thats not going to happen overnight. Our communal priorities need to change and focus on our children's Jewish education. In the interim, Our Jewish Children is focusing on children who will attend public school unless they receive some type of tuition assistance. We supplement the school's scholarship fund to enable the school to enroll these children. We have already made a difference to many children, enabling them to stay out of public schools and attend Jewish yeshivas and day schools. This mission needs to continue and grow.

We need your help. We are a registered 501(c)(3) charity, so your contributions are tax deductible. Donate Now.

If you are a parent and you need help to send your child to a yeshiva or day school, contact us.

If you are a school, and you have identified students who will attend public school without funding, contact us.

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