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Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser to speak on March 7 for Our Jewish Children

Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, noted author, acclaimed lecturer and syndicated columnist, will be speaking on behalf of Our Jewish Children on March 7 at 8:30 PM. That Motzaei Shabbos will be just a few days before Purim, and Rabbi Goldwasser is expected to speak about the upcoming holiday.

The program, to be held at the home of Beth and Louis Gray, 147-25 68th Drive, is being held to raise money for Our Jewish Children, which helps fund children in yeshiva who would otherwise be enrolled in public school. The organization is supporting nearly 300 students at 34 yeshivos across the United States. Many students we supported from elementary to high school have gotten married and are now raising their own frum families, and sending their children to yeshiva. Many children have influenced their own families to become shomer Shabbos and shomer mitzvos.

It is Rabbi Goldwasser's blessing that Our Jewish Children should succeed in assisting more children to leave public school and attend yeshiva. Please partner with us and attend the program on March 7, or contribute to the organization at

Contact OurJewish Children at (718) 268-2448, or mail 147-37 70th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11367.

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