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Rabbi Paysach Krohn to speak on Tuesday, Jan. 15 for Our Jewish Children

Rabbi Paysach Krohn will be delivering a shiur, IY”H, in Kew Gardens Hills on behalf of Our Jewish this Tuesday night January 15, at 8:30 pm at the home of Elie and Golda Fried 72-23 139th Street side entrance.

We all know that the most important gift we can give our children is a Jewish education. Studies show that the percentage of children who go on to intermarry is extremely high when they attend public school. We all have an obligation to prevent this. Queens has the highest percentage of Jewish children attending public school in comparison to every other borough in New York City. Chazaq has undertaken the incredible job of convincing and enlightening parents about the importance of giving their children a Jewish Education. However, they do not provide tuition funding.

Our Jewish Children is an organization that helps to fund these students so they can go to yeshiva and stay in yeshiva. This year we are funding 225 students to go to 35 yeshivas in New York, Florida. Colorado, and Arizona.

Please join us Tuesday and show community support.

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